One Minute to Excel #17 – Convert text numbers to real numbers

Two techniques

When you import numbers from other systems they sometimes come in as text and are left aligned.

There are a couple of ways to fix them and they can both be done in less than a minute.

Let’s see how to convert text numbers into real numbers, real fast.

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2 thoughts on “One Minute to Excel #17 – Convert text numbers to real numbers

  1. Here is another way to convert all of the number forms you showed (apostrophe numbers, text number and text formula calculations) with a single two-step method… select the entire column, change the cell format to General (you can do this by clicking the General on the drop down in the Number panel on the Home tab), then bring up the Text To Columns dialog box (Data tab, Data Tools panel) and click the Finish button as soon as the dialog box appears. All your values should now be real numbers.