Listing Alphabetic Letters in Excel

If you need a listing of the letters of the alphabet you can combine a couple of functions to provide the list.

In the image below you can see the CHAR function has been combined with the SEQUENCE function to provide a list of letters.

The formula in cell A1 is.


This single formula spills down to list the 26 letters.

The CHAR function allows us to refer to characters using a code number. The lowercase letters start at code number 97 and the uppercase start at 65.

The SEQUENCE function allows us to create a list of sequential numbers. In this case 26 numbers that start at 97.

If you wanted a list of uppercase letters, you need to make a slight adjustment – see the image below.

The formula in cell B1 is.


If you needed the listing horizontally see the images below.

The formula in cell C1 is.


The formula in cell C2 is.


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2 thoughts on “Listing Alphabetic Letters in Excel

  1. A single formula to generate both sets of letters downward…


    and a single formula to generate both sets of letters across…


    Note: The semi-colon is my Excel locale’s row delimiter inside of an array constant.