Webinar – VLOOKUP Function

 Price: AUD25

Duration: 1h 30 min

Over the years this popular function has been the subject of the most questions to me from CPA’s from around the world. So I thought I would dedicate a whole webinar to how and why to use it. I have also included techniques to get around the limitations of the function. Most content applies to all Excel versions.

In this session I will cover

  • the Exact match VLOOKUP – when to use it
  • the Approximate match VLOOKUP – when to use it
  • tips and shortcuts on using VLOOKUP
  • common problems with VLOOKUP and their solutions
  • why Format as Table is so important
  • handling errors
  • handling multiple tables
  • removing the left column limitation
  • two column lookups (non array solution)
  • using the Relationship option to avoid VLOOKUPs (Excel 2013 and later only)

As always, I will share a few general tips along the way.

Date: 25/07/2024
Time: 1:00 PM AEST
Event: VLOOKUP Function (1.5hrs)
Topic: VLOOKUP Function
Public: Public
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