FREE Webinar – Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Yes you may be really good with the mouse, but sometimes it is quicker to use the keyboard.

When I ran some face to face training sessions recently I was reminded how much people LOVE keyboard shortcuts. So I thought I would update my keyboard shortcut webinar and run it this month.

Using the mouse isn’t always the quickest way to perform tasks in Excel. Keyboard shortcuts can speed up your work and save you hunting through screens and dialogs. Some of the keyboard shortcuts you will learn in this session are:

  • wrap text and other useful formats
  • applying row and column grouping
  • selecting a table quickly
  • copying visible cells only
  • apply and remove Freeze Panes
  • returning after following a hyperlink
  • how to avoid an annoying feature of formula and reference dialogs when you press an arrow key to move around
  • get the most out of the Tab key

There will be lots of other shortcuts as well. Even if you prefer using the mouse you might learn a few useful new techniques.


Date: 20/09/2022
Time: 1:00 PM AEST
Event: FREE - Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
Topic: Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
Public: Public
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