Webinar Pass

The easy way to pay for webinars

In 2019 I introduced a Webinar Pass. This allows you to prepay for my webinars and receive a discounted price. The Pass has a minimum of 3 webinars. You can also earn bonus webinars and an exclusive online course. Use the button below to check your Pass balance.

Check your Webinar Pass balance

You can get the discounted price of $20 each (normally $25 each) on all my paid Excel webinars. This allows you to select the webinars you want to attend and still receive the discounted price. If you can’t attend on the day you will still receive the recording if you register.

Here’s how it works.

  1. You order a Webinar Pass for as many webinars as you want (minimum is 3).
  2. You receive an invoice. You can pay the invoice via EFT, credit card or Paypal.
  3. When you register for a paid webinar you tick the Webinar Pass option. (You can register before you have paid for the Pass)
  4. That’s it, you’re registered.
  5. You can use the button above to check your balance at any time (note the balance is updated over night).

If you don’t have a Webinar Pass before you register – don’t worry – there is an option to order a 3 Webinar Pass when you register.

Cancellation policy
You can cancel at any time. Any unused paid webinars are refunded at $20 each. Bonus webinars are not refundable (see note below about bonus webinars)

All prices quoted include GST.

Bonus webinars
For every 5 webinars you buy on the Webinar Pass you will receive one bonus webinar. This is cumulative and ongoing, so if you buy three and then another three, you will get one bonus webinar with the second set of three. So far over 150 bonus webinars have been earned.

Bonus online course
As a further bonus, everyone who buys 5 webinars or more on the Webinar Pass also receives free access to an exclusive bonus online course. This course is not open to the public and has exclusive Excel content.

This bonus course includes

  • bonus videos not seen elsewhere
  • detailed pdf notes
  • Excel example files
  • Q&A section (I have already answered one question)
  • regular updates

You can also use the Webinar Pass to buy recordings of past webinars.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is there a time limit to use the Webinar Pass? No.
2. What if I can’t attend the webinar after registering? Don’t cancel the registration as you will receive the recording link after the session. Live webinars and recordings cost the same.
3. Can a business buy a Webinar Pass for its employees? Yes, a Corporate Webinar Pass can handle multiple emails. You will need to supply the email addresses of all employees who are authorised to use the Corporate Webinar Pass.
4. How will I know how many webinars I have left on my Pass?  Use the button below.

Check your Webinar Pass balance

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