Take Excel to the UPPER class

All capitals made easy

Word has a keyboard shortcut to convert lowercase to uppercase. Shift + F3. Excel doesn’t. Macros to the rescue again.

The following macro will convert all letters in a cell or range to uppercase. It ignores any formulas in the range.

You first select the range and then run the macro.

Sub ConvertToUppercase()
' This macro converts all the letters in
' the selected cells to uppercase
' it ignores formula
Dim c As Range
If TypeName(Selection) <> "Range" Then Exit Sub
 For Each c In Selection
  If Not(c.HasFormula) Then
   c.Value = UCase(c.Value)
  End If
 Next c
Set c = Nothing
End Sub

If you need to convert to lowercase use the LCase command instead of UCase in the code.

To see more instructions on how to install and use macros see this blog post.

Click here to see how you can run a Macro off a Quick Access Toolbar icon.

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