Slope Chart Macro

About 10 years ago I did a short blog post on Slope charts. I was reviewing my 10 year old posts and remembered I had written a macro to simplify the process of creating a Slope Chart. So here it is.

The link to the original post from 10 years ago is below.

You can download the example file at the button at the bottom of this post.

Creating a Slope Chart is a fiddly process. This makes it an ideal candidate for a macro solution.

In the image below we have captured reject percentages for a few states.

Note: Slope charts work best with fewer comparisons. Too many comparisons and the chart is too busy to be useful.

To use the macro, you first need to select a range with the values. Then click the blue macro button.

A Slope chart is created with labels added and most of the other elements removed, making it a clean chart.

If some of the values on the same side are close it can make it hard to read the labels.

You can download the example file that contains the macro at the button below.

Note: save the file to your system and unzip it. Then open it from there and enable macros. Excel may still disable the macros. If that is the case, use Save As and then close and open the file from wherever you saved it to. Then the macros should work.

If you are new to macros see the post below about using them.

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