Show Horizontal Axis Entries Below the Chart

Great for displaying negatives in a line or column chart

I learned about a chart Axis option in Excel during a recent webinar – thanks to one of the attendees. You can show the Axis entries below the chart – this is handy for column charts that display negatives.

I will use a variance chart example from a previous blog post – see the before (top) and after (bottom) images below.


Depending on your Excel version the instructions are slightly different – see below.

Excel 2010

Right click the Axis and choose Format Axis. In the middle section of the Axis options, on the right hand side, click the Axis labels drop down and select Low. Click Close.


Excel 2013

Right click the Axis and choose Format Axis. Open the Labels section in the Task pane on the right. Click the Label Position drop down and select Low.


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