Selecting All with Ctrl + A

Some other useful techniques

Many people know that you can select the whole sheet with Ctrl + A but there are lots of other selections it can perform.

If you are in a blank cell surround by other blank cells and press Ctrl + A you will select the whole sheet.

If you have value cells around the blank cell you will select what is called the current region – a range surrounded by blank rows and blank columns. If you press Ctrl + A again it will then select the whole sheet.

If you are in a formatted table and press Ctrl+ A it will select the data range on the first click. The data and headers on the second click and the whole sheet on the third click.


An Object is anything that floats above the grid like a

  • Chart
  • Textbox
  • Slicer
  • Line
  • Shape

If you need to select all the objects on a sheet Ctrl + A can also help you. Simply select one object and then press Ctrl + A – this will select all the objects on that sheet.

This can be handy for charts. If you have multiple charts and want to resize all of them to be the same size you can first click one chart and then use Ctrl + A to select them all. Then use the Format ribbon and the Size options to resize them all at once.

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