Re-Sizing Charts In Excel

How to get identically sized charts

When building dashboards in Excel you frequently need to have multiple charts that are exactly the same size. Luckily Excel makes this reasonably easy to achieve.

Selecting Objects

Excel has two techniques for selecting multiple charts.

The first involves using the control key. You hold the control key down and click on each chart in sequence and this will group the charts together.

The second method involves the Select Objects cursor shape, which is an arrow. This can be selected from the Find & Select icon on the far right of the Home Ribbon tab. See Figure 1.

Select Objects icon

Once you click this arrow icon then you can use the mouse to select a region around the charts you want to work with and this will select all of the charts in one go.  Once you have selected the charts click the Select Objects arrow again to return the mouse to the normal cursor.

Having selected the charts by either of the above methods you can then change the shape of all of the charts again in two ways.

If you click, hold and drag one of the borders of one of the selected charts it will adjust all of the charts by the same amount. If the charts are already the same size then they will remain the same size.

If you want to standardise the size of all the charts you can use the Format Ribbon tab which is displayed when multiple charts are selected. On the far right of the Format tab there are two size boxes which allow you to change the height and the width of all the charts. You can type into these boxes or use the up and down arrow to modify the values in the boxes. See Figure 2.

Format Ribbon tab

These techniques can be applied to all graphic objects in Excel.

You might want to consider adding the Select Objects icon to your Quick Access Toolbar. For instructions on how to do that see previous blog post here.

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