Publishing a Power BI Report

Getting it out there

Well after getting the data and creating a report and then a chart, let’s get the report onto the web.

The steps to publish the report are:

  1. Publish to the Power BI website under your Microsoft log-in.
  2. Create an embed code to allow you to post anywhere on the web
  3. Paste into a web page – you can see the result at the bottom of this page

Obviously not all data is meant to be made public, but hey we are only playing with Power BI at the moment.

1. Publish

Click the drop down top left, select Publish and Publish to Power BI.


Once done a dialog opens and provides a link to the Power BI website.

pb_04_02When you click the link you will have to log in to your Microsoft online account.

Now the report is on your Microsoft web account.


2. Embed

You can now create an embed code that allows you to attach the report to a webpage that anyone can view.



When you click the Create embed code button another dialog opens explaining that you are posting data to the web that anyone can view.

pb_04_06Click Publish to get the embed code.

pb_04_07There is an email link plus the embed code which can be used with a webpage.

I have pasted the embed code below.

There is a report page and the chart page.

This looks small but you can view on Full Screen – icon bottom right – to make it easy to read.



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