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Do you use the same sentence or paragraph in emails or letters? Well, I may just make your day with a new option in Outlook and Word.

In the INSERT tab there is a Quick Parts icon. This allows you to capture a sentence, paragraph or paragraphs and insert them easily in the current email or document. I am not sure what version this feature was added in, but it is in Excel 2010 and later versions.

There are more options in Word and there are pre-existing sentences. Images below are from Outlook, where I find the most benefits.

In Outlook the INSERT tab is only visible when you are creating an email.

Create an email and type the text you want to capture (it may just be last time you type it) select the text and click the INSERT tab.

On the right hand side is the Quick Parts icon.

Quick Parts iconClick the drop down and click Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.

Quick Parts

Accept or amend the name that it has given it and click OK. Done.

Quick Parts

You can can now click on the Quick Parts icon (right click the icon and add it to your Quick Access Toolbar) and select from the texts you have saved.

You can also right click the Save Section to Quick Part Gallery option to add it to your Quick Access Toolbar.

This will save me a lot of copying and pasting.





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