Excel and MYOB

Calculation issues

These two Apps don’t always play nicely together. MYOB has a bad habit of turning off calculation in its Excel files. Here’s how to fix it quickly.

When you open an Excel file that has been saved with Calculation turned off, sometimes it turns off Excel’s calculation. This is frustrating and is a common problem with MYOB files in Excel.

I don’t think this is as much of an issue with the recent versions of Excel as calculation isn’t turned off as easily as it used to be.

If you suffer from this issue, here is the easy fix.

  1. Click the Formulas ribbon tab
  2. Click the Calculation drop down (far right side)
  3. Right click the Automatic option and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar.
  4. That’s it, a new icon is added to the Toolbar.

The Automatic icon is ticked when calculation is on and unticked if it is off.

This provides a quick indication if calculation is on or off.

To fix calculation simply click that icon to turn it back on.

Note: you can’t turn off calculation with this icon, you can only turn it on.

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