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Keyboard shortcuts rule

The ALT key (there’s one on either side of your Spacebar) has some really useful shortcuts. See if they can save you some time and effort. These can be handy if, like me, you sometimes struggle with your laptop’s built-in mouse controller and you don’t have your external mouse handy. And remember most keyboard shortcuts work in all versions of Excel.

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ALT + =

Inserts the SUM function in the current cell(s). It’s the same as pressing the AutoSum toolbar button. You may be surprised to know that you can’t use the AutoSum on a protected sheet. But you can use ALT+ =.

ALT + Enter

When editing in a cell this inserts a line break (line feed) in the current cell. This is different to the Wrap Text format which will change the line breaks as the column widens. This technique will retain the line break.

ALT + numbers

Inserts symbols. Whilst holding the ALT key down press 0128 this will insert the Euro symbol in a cell. 0163 will give the pound currency symbol. To see a list of the other Alt key numbers click here

ALT + graphics

If you hold the ALT key down whilst you are moving graphics (including charts) on your sheet you will notice that the graphics will “snap to” or line up with the sheet’s gridlines. This makes it incredibly easy to perfectly line up your charts or images. If you hold the ALT key down while you are resizing the images it will also “snap to” the sheet’s gridlines.

ALT + SHIFT + Right Arrow
ALT + SHIFT + Left Arrow

Adds or removes Data Grouping from the selected range. Data Grouping is used to hide and unhide rows or columns, quickly and easily.

ALT + ;

Selects visible cells only. You can use this before you copy to ensure that what you are only copying the visible cells and not any hidden rows or columns. If you have used Excel’s Data Subtotal feature and you only wish to only copy the Subtotals, you can use Data Grouping to hide the detail and display only the Subtotals and then select the range and press ALT + ; to the visible cells only and then copy and paste to paste the Subtotals only.

ALT + Down Arrow

This will open the Data Validation drop-down list for a cell or it will give you a list of previous text entries in a database.

ALT + 1 through 9

This shortcut works only with Excel 2007 and 2010. It is a shortcut to quickly access the first nine buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar (the toolbar above or below the ribbon). ALT + 1 is the first button. So you can rearrange the buttons to allow you to quickly access them with the ALT key.

ALT + F8

Opens up the macro dialog to allow you to run or edit macros.

ALT + F11

Opens up the VBE window to allow you to work with macros and VBA programming. Once open ALT + F11 allows you to toggle between Excel and VBE window.

Alt > h > v > v

This sequence, pressing each key after the other, Pastes Values after a copy in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010

Alt > e > s > v > Enter

This sequence pressing each key after the other, Pastes Values after a copy in Excel 2003.

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12 thoughts on “Excel Alt key shortcuts

    • Sorry, not sure I understand what you need.

      You can use Ctrl + Tab to switch between open workbooks


      Ctrl + Page Up or Ctrl + Page Down to move between sheets in a workbook.

  1. In Excel shortcut key of sum is alt = but using this shortcut key its getting zoom can you help me how to enable the short cut key for sum or any other short cut key is there for sum in excel

  2. am not able to lock the key with ALT + ; option throu that I use to copy visible cell only
    in laptop leveno It doent work on excel to copy those cells

    please advise

    • Hi Jay

      Alt + ; selects visible cells only – after you have selected the range to work with.

      There is a chance another App is using the key combination if it doesn’t work. There is a Quick Access Toolbar icon you can add to the toolbar if the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work.