Webinar – SUMPRODUCT vs Dynamic Arrays (1.5 hours)

Price: AU$25 incl GST

I am excited about this webinar because it covers my favorite Excel function. SUMPRODUCT is the Swiss Army knife of functions. It can sum, count and perform criteria-based calculations that normally require special array formulas. The SUMIF and SUMIFS functions have two important limitations that SUMPRODUCT doesn’t, discover what they are.

Update: this session has been amended to show you how SUMPRODUCT compares with the new dynamic arrays in the subscription version of Excel. If you don’t have dynamic arrays yet you can practice with SUMPRODUCT.

The session outcomes will include

  • The limitations of the SUMIF and SUMIFS functions
  • The limitations and advantages of the SUMPRODUCT function
  • Explanation of the standard use of the SUMPRODUCT function
  • Explanation of undocumented techniques of the SUMPRODUCT function
  • How to create powerful multi-criteria calculations without an array formula
  • Learn about array syntax and how you can use it with SUMPRODUCT
  • Discover how you can use INDEX, OFFSET and other functions with SUMPRODUCT
  • How to perform 2-D summing calculations

The SUM function in the subscription version is now as powerful and flexible as SUMPRODUCT – see how they compare.

Date: March 23, 2021
Time: 1:00 PM AEDST
Event: SUMPRODUCT Function (1.5 hours)
Topic: SUMPRODUCT Function
Public: Public
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