Webinar – Macros 5 – Function Macros

Price: $25 incl GST

Duration: 1 hour

Excel Function macros allow you to create your own cell-based functions, just like Excel’s built-in functions. These are called User Defined Functions (UDFs) and can be used to simplify complex calculations.

Macro Functions also allow you to create re-useable code which can centralise your business logic and make code maintenance easier.

This session will examine a number of Functions to explain how, why and when to use them.

This session will cover

  • the SUMBOLD UDF – add up bold values
  • the JOIN UDF – joins text together from a range
  • functions for sheet, file and user names
  • alternatives for the SEARCH and FIND functions
  • the SUMCOLOUR UDF – adds up specific values in cells with a certain fill colour
  • an “Are You Sure?” function
  • a function to identify if a one of a list of words is used in a cell
Date: September 22, 2020
Time: 1:00 PM AEST
Event: Macros 5 - Function Macros
Topic: Macros
Public: Public
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