FREE Excel Introduction to Power Query

Duration: 1 hour

Power Query allows you to automatically perform data cleansing routines on your data sources – no manual intervention required. Simply refresh and your data is ready to use. You can use csv files; txt files; databases and existing Excel tables as your data sources.

Learn the basics, plus an advanced technique to automate data cleansing routines on your data sources.

This session covers

  • fixing dates so that Excel can recognise them
  • formatting columns as text – retaining leading zeroes in CSV files
  • deleting unwanted rows and columns from your data
  • removing leading and trailing spaces
  • populating blank values with zeroes
  • populating blanks with entries from above
  • correcting trailing minus signs
  • unpivot a report – converting a report layout into a table layout
  • converting a MYOB report into a data table
  • capture header information in a column

As always, I will share other tips and tricks along the way.


Date: March 10, 2022
Time: 1:00 PM AEDST
Event: FREE - Introduction to Excel Power Query
Topic: Introduction to Power Query
Public: Public
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