Webinar – Excel Data Cleansing Techniques (1.25 hours)

Price: $25.00 incl GST

Duration: 1.25 hours

If you get the data right in Excel, then everything else becomes much easier. Pivot Tables can be created and formula-based reports become much more straightforward to create. Sometimes the data that comes into Excel is badly structured or has issues that stop you using Pivot Tables or formulas. This session will take you through a number of techniques that solve many of those problems and prepares the data ready for reporting.

The techniques can also be applied to other issues in Excel.
The session will include:

  • Format As Table
  • filling blanks with zeroes
  • populating missing entries
  • removing leading and trailing spaces
  • removing spaces with a formula
  • fixing and converting dates
  • converting values to numbers
  • changing the structure from vertical to horizontal
  • text to columns
  • Removing duplicates
  • working with vertical data

This is a longer than normal session (1.25 hours) and covers some many advanced topics.

Date: December 18, 2019
Time: 1.00 PM (AEDST)
Event: Excel Data Cleansing Techniques
Topic: Excel Data Cleansing
Public: Public
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