Webinar – Introduction to Array Formulas

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Array formulas are an advanced topic. They are not for everyone. After macros and pivot tables they are the topic I get asked most about at training courses.

Array formulas can perform calculations that no other formula can perform. Array formulas can be complex, confusing and difficult to understand. In this session I hope to remove some of the confusion and explain how they work with some useful examples and techniques.

If you use arrays or have wondered what they are, then this session will be useful.

WARNING: You need to have at least intermediate Excel skills to be able to follow this webinar. Whilst I will attempt to simplify the complexity for you, the last two examples in the session have quite complex formulas that may make your head hurt.

The session includes
• advantages and disadvantages of arrays
• array syntax – what it is and how to use it with other non-array formulas
• simple single cell array formulas
• single cell validation formula
• multi-cell array formulas demonstrated and explained
• dynamic sorting with an array formula
• dynamic extract unique values with an array formula

As always, I will share other tips and tricks along the way.

Date: April 17, 2019
Time: 1:00 PM AEST
Event: Webinar - Introduction to Array Formulas
Topic: Array Formulas
Public: Public
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