FREE – Excel Copy and Paste Techniques

In Excel copying and pasting are two of the most performed tasks. Did you know there are many options that can control and speed up your pasting?

This session will focus on the Paste Special dialog plus a little known pasting feature that is great for dashboards.

The session will cover the hows and whys of

  •  Paste Values
  •  Paste Formulas
  •  Paste Formats
  •  Converting negative to positives
  •  Fixing Text numbers in-situ
  •  Applying a Factor to a range
  •  Paste Link – how and why to use it
  •  Transpose (switching rows to columns and visa-versa)
  •  Paste Picture (great for dashboards)
  •  The Office clipboard

The session includes lots of keyboard shortcuts.

Date: 28/01/2021
Time: 1:00 PM AEST
Event: FREE - Excel Copy & Paste Techniques
Topic: Excel Copy and Paste
Public: Public
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