Enabling PowerPivot

XL2013 and XL2010

In my latest free webinar I provided a brief demonstration of PowerPivot in Excel 2013. I forgot to show you how to enable it. Luckily its easy.

Excel 2013 & 2010 (xl2010 users please read note below first)

Press in sequence Alt t o to open the Excel Options window (screen shots below).

  1. Click the Add-Ins option on the right.
  2. Use the Manage drop down to select COM Add-ins
  3. Click the Go button
  4. In the dialog tick the options you want to install and click OK

If you don’t see the Power items listed it means

  • xl2013 – your version doesn’t have them.
  • xl2010 – you need to download and install as per note below.

Note: Excel 2010 Users

Before following the above steps you need to download the PowerPivot Add-in from Microsoft and install it – see link below it contains the instructions.

PowerPivot Link

Install PowerPivot


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